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If you are supplying your own artwork we recommend you follow the advice in this section. It will help to avoid delays and ensure that the very best results are obtained. Find the specs and templates page below for links to fact sheets and templates for a range of our most popular items.

The EXC factory and showroom — the largest in the Canberra region — is outfitted for graphic design, large format digital printing, custom display fabrication, interpretative signage, point of sale systems, laminating, mounting and art framing services.

Factsheets and templates

We have prepared specs pages and templates for many of our banners and display walls. We are also regularly adding to the collection and updating the information. If the specifications or template you need are not available here, please feel free to contact us so we can make one up for your banner.


Download InDesign Templates:


DeskBug 220  |  MiniBug 580   |   RegularBug 850   |   ClassicBug 1000   |   GiantBug 1000   |   SuperBug 1200   |   JumboBug 1500   |   MassiveBug 1800   |   MediaWall 2400   |   MediaWall 2900


Bamboo Banner Stand


LittleBuddy 580   |   GoodBuddy 850   |   BestBuddy 1000   |   SuperBuddy 1200




Abex250 3×3 Inside Curve   |   Abex250 4×3 Inside Curve   |   Abex300 3×3 Inside Curve   |   Abex300 4×3 Inside Curve

Abex350 3×3 Straight
   |   Abex350 4×3 Straight


Teardrop Small 2.5m   |   Teardrop Medium 3.1m   |   Teardrop Large 3.7m


Table Top X-stand


Download fact sheets:


EC Artwork Specifications  |  BannerBugs  |  BannerBuddy  |  BannerRoll  |  MediaWall


A Frame  |  Brochure Stands


Abex  |  Elegance PopUp Display  |  Outdoor Stands  |  Triga-X Wall


Wallpaper  |  Picture Hanging System

Supplying artwork

Our experienced team are ready and willing to help you finish your artwork to ensure the best print result. If you would like to ask a design or print question please feel free to call or email us. For more information, download our EXC Artwork Specifications.pdf fact sheet.

We support up to Adobe InDesign CS6, Illustrator CS6, and Photoshop CS6. We do not support Creative Cloud, please save as Indesign IDML format.

Artwork to be set up at 100% scale with images at minimum 100dpi, supply PMS colour references. We prefer InDesign for printing files, please use the Package function (File Menu > Package). We also like to print from the working Indesign or other file, NOT from PDF.

Our experience is that PDFs are not reliable when printing blends, transparencies, and other graphic effects when at large format size. We also cannot reliably make any minor text edits for you from PDF, nor do we have the same degree of control to ensure all your colours print correctly to the PMS or hardcopy reference.

Please provide editable hems, bleed and colour. We accept artwork via CD / DVD / USB / Email (up to 5 MB) / or click here to go to our file upload site.


Our Preferred Formats for image reproduction are a Tiff, Photoshop or Raw file. For large format printing the files will need to be at least 2 MB, and images need to be a minimum of 100dpi at final size. An acceptable format file is a Jpeg file that has been saved with maximum compression. It is only worth us checking the image if it is saved with maximum quality and it is larger file size than 1MB.

Unacceptable files that will not print satisfactorily in large format printing, are GIF and PNG files. These files are only suitable for web content, they will print with severe pixilation or artefacting.

When using existing scans please provide scans and images at minimum 100dpi at full scale, or bring your transparencies and prints in for us to scan them for you. If you would like to ask a design or print question please feel free to call or email us, or download our EXC Artwork Specifications.pdf fact sheet for more information.


Logos are best supplied as Vector EPS files. This is the best format for logos as vector files can be expanded to print at any size without losing print quality. We can print logos that are TIFF, photoshop or JPEG files however they will need to be checked for suitability to print at large size. Minimum resolution required for bitmap logos is 150dpi at final size.

The files will need to be large to be of sufficient resolution, such as 4 MB or more. If there is no high resolution logo available, we can redraw your logo for you. Please contact us to discuss so we can quote to redraw and supply you with a vector version of your logo.

Please feel free to call or email us, or download our EXC Artwork Specifications.pdf fact sheet for more information.

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