Aim, purpose + values

EXC aims to be the supplier of choice for all clients within our marketing areas wishing to improve their visual appeal and communication with their audience. It is our intention to be renowned among customers, suppliers and industry as the best in the delivery of visual messages in Australia.

Our purpose is to design and produce visual messages that will bring our own clients closer to their audiences. Our materials, our skills, the techniques we use and our commitment to quality and service will set us apart within our market. As an indigenous business we will provide rewarding careers for talented and enthusiastic Aboriginal people and we will support other Indigenous businesses. We give governments and businesses an opportunity to support indigenous enterprise without any compromise.

We Value:

  • Honesty and integrity. In all our dealings with staff, suppliers and customers we value it and we expect it in return.
  • Our staff. They are crucial to the success of our business. They will be treated fairly, paid competitively and provided with a rewarding, friendly work environment.
  • The resourcefulness, talent and creativity within Indigenous culture.
  • Our suppliers. Much of the value we offer in the market comes from a productive relationship with our suppliers, which we aim to encourage and improve.
  • Continuous Improvement. Every day, every week, every adjustment is directed at improving the business process and having those improvements recorded and repeated.
  • Service, quality and value for money. Our driving parameters are to provide excellent proactive service in all our dealings, to never compromise on the quality of our product, and a commitment to always provide value for money to our clients.


As a majority Indigenous enterprise EXC is a proud member of Supply Nation, sharing its unique and compelling vision to build a prosperous Indigenous business sector.

With a depth of knowledge and experience working with Indigenous businesses and procurement teams from government and corporate Australia, Supply Nation has shaped the Indigenous business sector. Supply Nation is endorsed by the Australian Government as the leading directory of Indigenous businesses for their procurement teams to fulfill their targets under the new Indigenous Procurement Policy, Supply Nation is an equally trusted partner for its corporate members.